Sunday, March 27, 2011

ok, so far my blog has been a place for me to come and agonize about the hardships i feel go on in my life. to simplify even further it's been, pretty much, an online diary that is impossible for me to lose. i feel i write so beautifully when i'm depressed, so this is where i do it. and this will not stop, no no, not by any means. but i will also now begin to find something that holds some interest and write about it on here as well. even put up a couple photographs of the other things i like to do and talk about that. i have an etsy store and most of my extra time goes into making art. i need to create art no matter what, it is another one of my more important outlets in life, so etsy is nice because if other people like my stuff it is on display and i might actually make some money. but that is defiantly not what it's all about. ok, so my wittle baby might wake up because of all this noisy typing so i will put up a pic of one of my pieces of work, and until next time....ado