Tuesday, November 22, 2011

where did october go?? i've seemed to have misplaced it...

at least that's how i feel.  halloween was pretty cool this year.  took the girls out trick or treating and they loved it.  my little girl was a pirate, totally cute, with a wooden sword i painted for her.  now the decorations are down and want to get the christmas ones up and getting ready to cook a huge dinner for thanksgiving. 

my screen printing is going really slowly.  after a small break in set up, which was horrible, i am now back with a  vengeance. the basement is about done and now i am almost ready to start messing with exposure times and the elmusion.  when i get to it i will try to come back and write about it.  also i would like to take some pictures but just haven't had the time yet. 

until then here are some etsy christmas banners i have been working on.  hope you enjoy.

next i think i'm going vintage all the way, or maybe a little retro also.   so far my favorite one is the pirate with a parrot reading a map.