Thursday, December 10, 2009

the new torments must go

don't you love it when you got someone in your house you can't stand and the person that invited them can't leave them alone. i am going to nip this up tomorrow. what do people think? honestly. an empty apartment with no furniture or a nice place crowded to the max. and if i hear sex i'm flipping the fuck out. the definition of respect does not exist in my brother's vocabulary and he's with a sex fiend fucken idiot, who fucked my other roommate. he knows the feelings of disgust i have for this whore and finds it no problem to invite this bitch into my home, the one that saved his ass. well this is defiantly enough. if they want to play house they can do it in her place. the bitch used up all my razors. they were like $10. and he only owes me like $600. that is the end of it. tomorrow they are getting it straight that he and she has to go. if they want to spend time together they can do it at her house.