Thursday, September 15, 2011

my absolutely lovely brother

well tommy came to the rescue again.  my computer was completely messed up.  i haven't even been on etsy in a couple days because the issues were so bad.  he has spent countless hours trying to fix it and tonight he finally reformatted it.  well, its like i have a new computer.  he is awesome!!!!  i am so grateful to him because a big part of my life revolves around my computer. 

but now starts some new problems i have to find answers to.  i need to find a good, SAFE place to download pictures for my digital collages.  google image searches may have been how i infected my computer and i do not want that to happen again.  so now i have to find an answer.  i am a little scared to do too much on the computer.  i am strictly going to sites that i know are safe...for now.  like i have mentioned before shutterstock, which always have the best pix, is $250 a month so that is out.  hopefully there is a cheaper alternative out there. 

for now i am just going to bask in the glory of my computer that is problem free and try to keep doing work from the photos i already have on my computer, which is a good amount.  so my seven followers, if anyone out there knows of a good site let me know.

bye bye

Monday, September 5, 2011

lesportsac zoinked....grrrrrrr

i am absolutely pissed about this, really i am.  i went to ross the other day to get a purse.  i don't just shop for purses for the hell of it, or because i want something trendy, i need one because my 10 year old purse's zipper broke about a week ago and it is essential i get a new one. 

now i haven't shopped for purses in a long time so naturally the style i like is nowhere.  there are all these crazy buckles and studs and leather and big and gaudy purses.  i like gaudy rings, not purses.  i spotted this purse almost exactly and liked it.  i said this outloud while some girl was on the other side of the rack.  but i wanted to walk over to marshall's just to make sure this was the purse i wanted.  i went over there and after scouring the racks found nothing remotely i liked.  so i went back to ross pretty excited to purchase my new purse.  i went to where the purse was and there was nothing there.  i looked at the other racks because maybe i was mistaken but again there was nothing.  MY PURSE WAS GONE!!  i was only out of the store for 15 min at the most and i have a pretty good feeling that girl zoinked my purse!!  i am still mad about it. 

it was a good deal, and i missed it.  i looked up online for this purse and i can't find it anywhere for the price it was at ross.  i am really bummed about this.  i went around looking at other stores and there are no more.  so the purse hunt continues...

ps.  i hope that girl spills something red on it and it won't come out.   grrrrrr.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

if i had money.....

guess how much it costs to be subscribed to shutterstock.....really you won't believe it.....honestly it's crazy...$250!!!   now i understand that it is an amazing site and there are no worries about copyright blah blah blah, but jeez that's alot of money.  i wonder if there is a poor man's version of shutterstock.  lol. 

also, i am going to be attempting to write up a business plan.  it is going to be horrible and i already looked up a bunch of sites online, but they all want you to pay.  looks like a trip to the library might be in my near future.  hopefully my wonderfully smart girlfriend annie will be able to shed some light on this subject and maybe give me some kind of template to work from.  because i am by no means a business major. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

some new stuff on my etsy store!! enjoy.

hello hello!  well i just found etsy mini.  so i thought i'd share it with my 7 followers.  hope you like it and stop in my shop, Maudes Misfit Factory to look around.