Monday, September 5, 2011

lesportsac zoinked....grrrrrrr

i am absolutely pissed about this, really i am.  i went to ross the other day to get a purse.  i don't just shop for purses for the hell of it, or because i want something trendy, i need one because my 10 year old purse's zipper broke about a week ago and it is essential i get a new one. 

now i haven't shopped for purses in a long time so naturally the style i like is nowhere.  there are all these crazy buckles and studs and leather and big and gaudy purses.  i like gaudy rings, not purses.  i spotted this purse almost exactly and liked it.  i said this outloud while some girl was on the other side of the rack.  but i wanted to walk over to marshall's just to make sure this was the purse i wanted.  i went over there and after scouring the racks found nothing remotely i liked.  so i went back to ross pretty excited to purchase my new purse.  i went to where the purse was and there was nothing there.  i looked at the other racks because maybe i was mistaken but again there was nothing.  MY PURSE WAS GONE!!  i was only out of the store for 15 min at the most and i have a pretty good feeling that girl zoinked my purse!!  i am still mad about it. 

it was a good deal, and i missed it.  i looked up online for this purse and i can't find it anywhere for the price it was at ross.  i am really bummed about this.  i went around looking at other stores and there are no more.  so the purse hunt continues...

ps.  i hope that girl spills something red on it and it won't come out.   grrrrrr.

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