Monday, August 30, 2010

i just want this to work


aside from my normal entries i wanted to introduce something...something i've been working on. i've been making some artwork that has been very therapeutic for me. something very tragic has happened in my small and remote world. shook me to the faintest little breathe my lungs could expel.

i went through a period of immense sadness. i'm not one to dwell on things too much, but i still had and still have all this emotional and mental anguish to deal with. i am in my life, can see how this experience has changed me, see how i am doing things different, but it's like i have no control over the situation. i think this is just a process that i have to go through. at least i am somewhat conscious of the things that are happening....i am so sad i can't even get my woes out through words like i like to consider myself so good at, so i have been making pictures.

they are very melancholy and sad but i feel great comfort in them. i have a bunch done and soon i will be taking pictures of them all and possibly making a short story about each one.....though i am not sure of my writing skills at the moment.

slowly i will be making my creations visible to the world. we'll see how it goes.