Thursday, April 5, 2012

my lovely tshirt designs

well i've been very busy lately.  my tshirt business is almost officially open for business.  nothing big for now but very soon i will be posting listings for my tshirts in my etsy store.  it's going to be mostly kid's clothing, specifically for girls.  my second design is my favorite so far, but that's all i'll say about it.  hopefully it will be online by next week.

also, as soon as i remember i am going to take my camera over to my all handmade tshirt studio, with working dark room, even a handmade exposure unit.  i am pretty proud of myself.  haha.  and since my studio is in my dad's basement, totally takes me back to being a teenager, well almost, i have named my clothing line cellar dweller gear.  though i may have to change this, i'm still not completely sure of it, but for now that's the name.  this is very exciting for me and has been a great experience so far.

1 comment:

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