Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's here!!

this is very awesome for me!!!   i ordered a silk screen kit.  it's semi professional and it is amazing.  so far i'm going through the dvd's just for a general review of how it's done.  i haven't touched any screen printing for about 2 years.  the setup is going to be the most difficult.  first i have to make a light tight area.  this is going to require ply wood and hammer and nails and expanding foam.  we might also have to modify our stationary tub or try to get something new and cheap, for spraying the screens down. 

it's all a little overwhelming but slowly it's all going to come together.  i built the press the other nite, which was very cool.  i just can't wait until we're done with the setup and can start printing some shirts.  other things to think about is i might try to build a better exposure unit once we start making some money.  the one i got now is good for spot coloring, but if i want to do half tones and gray scale i'm defiantly going to have to get a better one.  the site that i'm ordering from has better ones, but they start at about $400!  yikes!!  we need to sell some shirts first. 

sorry about the small photo, but it's the only one i could get.   and i didn't forget about the tutorials i was talking about earlier.  i made the chenille pillows and they turned out pretty good.  as soon as i get some free time i will be upload the pix and explaining the process. 

until next time....enjoy!!

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