Tuesday, August 9, 2011

marcel has to go away

hello everyone, i'm reading this book by anne rice call 'the feast of all saints' and it is a very good book.  but surprisingly it has nothing to do with vampires.  i'm almost finished with it and not one word about any blood sucking.  i was pretty disappointed at first but i kept on for a couple chapters and i am so glad i did.  there are so many twists and turns, things are happening that take me completely off guard.  it's awesome.  it's a period drama set right before the civil war in america, new orleans.  not something i thought i would have liked, but i do.  and from talking to people about this book, there seems to be a tv movie made about it.  i doubt i'll watch it.

moving on, i've started making banners for etsy stores to sell in my etsy store.  so far i've made four of them, all pretty different styles.  i want to have a pretty good variety to choose from.  i'm going to make a couple more before i start listing them.  listing items is not a fun job, so i always put if off as long as possible.  so far i have about 70 things for sell.  altogether i've sold about 13 things.  i'm going to keep listing items and i hope people keep buying them!  lol.  i think for my new banner pieces i'm even going to add an entirely new section to my store....watch out people, this is pretty exciting stuff.

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