Monday, July 25, 2011

yellow moon

i have been trying to write about the yellow moon for about a week now.  first time was an issue, i was just really busy with work and family.  then my poor computer was broke, so that cost me a couple days.  well now i have a bit of extra time to talk about the moon.   the other nite on my way home from work there was an excellent full moon out that was completely yellow.  it was a little eerie and spooky, but i loved it.  i looked up online about why it's yellow and here are some of the answers i found.

~the moon certainly appears to be yellow at times, and sometimes it will also look a brilliant white or silver, or orange and reddish. It depends on how clear our atmosphere is and what angle it is being viewed from earth. In reality, the moon is mostly shades of the one color - an ashen gray. The sunlight reflects from it and casts shadows on the low areas which appear to us as a darker color than the rest.
~It was said that a strange color of moon (if not normally as it was) giving signs of atmospheric changes that may affect the season's shiftings or weather.
      In more scientific way of explaination is found in this link..
      Colors of the moon.. 
      i looked up the above link and looked over it a little, very interesting. 

alas i am not located in the desert, but this is the best picture i found.  and i also found out that when people mention harvest moon or hunter's moon, the color their referring to is a red...the moon is reddish.

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