Thursday, July 14, 2011

blah for today, but hooray for the......

today was beautiful here.  the sun was out, it was warm but not too warm, nice breeze, and the occasional cloud.  i was inside all day on the computer.  i finished a new photo.  i don't have a tutorial on it but i can show you the consecutive jpgs until i got the end result.  this is a new idea i'm working with, trying to get all the kinks out, but for a first attempt i thought it came out ok.

ok, here's the original photo.  nice, cool train track scene.  love the curve in it and the water too.  i remember this day, i was pissing around waiting to pick someone up from work...pretty sure it was my brother.  any who, this is after i adjusted levels and colors and things.

this one the colors are much more bright and rich and vibrant.  i like it this way better.  so i tried to just crop it and see how it looked.  this is what happened.

totally different picture, right.  i like this one too.  more emphasis on the tree line that the tracks.  till nice proportions and good flow i think.  but now i wanted it to look vintage.  something like a crumpled map came to mind first, or the wild west or something along those lines.  so this is what i came up with.  i also had some ideas while i was at work to make it look better.  but after i'm done with this blog i'm done with the computer tonite.  ok, here the grand finale.

ok, here it is.  i think it turned out ok.  looks vintage, wild west, crumpled map.