Sunday, July 10, 2011

bike ride and good pictures

hello everyone,

i went for a bike ride last week and brought my camera.  it was a good thing i did because i found this old log cabin that someone restored.  you couldn't see it from the road, how i found it was i stopped to take a break and some pictures of this wonderful field i found.  when i walked down the hill this cabin was down there as well.  i was so excited about it.  i told a friend at work that knows alot about the area and said that back in the 1920's that little log cabin i found used to house the schoolteachers.  he went on talking about another house a little down the road used to be the schoolhouse for the children in the area.  i was totally amazed.  a family bought the property and the cabin a couple years ago and restored it.  so it turned out to be an excellent trip for me.

here's a copy of the original picture i took.  i'm going to take it on the computer and 'fix' the image how i like it.  right now the colors are a little flat, but not in a good way, and it seems like it's lacking in overall interest.  so that is what i'm going to try to fix.  when i'm done i'll post a copy of the finished piece, so people can see how a photograph can be transformed from a little dull into a fine art picture.  well that's all for now.  till then.....

oh and one more thing.  i think i have a new interest....tshirt shredding!!  i practiced on one of my old tshirts and it actually came out really good.  looks like a trip to good will is going to be in my future for more practice shirts.  

bye for now....

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