Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my new little project

ok, so i've been working on homemade chenille pillows, like i make the chenille.  i am going to be posting a tutorial about my process soon.  i'm pretty excited, this is going to be my first tutorial.  it will include pictures and everything.  my computer has had a nasty virus that kept me from the internet for a little over a week.  very stressful, but my brother is a computer nerd and he fixed her all up.  thank you thank you thank you!!!  

 so hopefully in the next week or so i will have my first tutorial posted. 

till then.............here is a photo i've been working on.  i have yet to add it to etsy.  i kinda like this blog because i can put up my pieces i'm not sure about or haven't finished yet.  there is still a record of them out there on the net.  pretty cool.  

but anyways, i past this hay wagon taking the kids to the park a couple months ago.  on the way home i stopped the car and ran around someone's farm a little to snap the picture.  i went behind the garage/barn thing and there were bulls with the most beautiful horns, but my car with the kids was out of my sight and the bulls were a little scary.  so unfortunately i didn't capture them on film.  i like this picture.   i figured out how to make the image look like it's about twenty years old.  i like the look, and if anyone out there is actually keeping up with my very random and sparse blog tell me what you think.

finally here's my digital work that isn't done yet.  i still want to add some words and i'm not really sure what else yet.   when working with whatever i want i always tend to stay towards the cool colors.  i want to give myself a challenge and try a monochromatic piece of work.  maybe all in browns or something.  it will be hard for me to do, but something different.

one last comment.  when i work in illustrator my files always end up so very, very big.  and i absolutely hate waiting for them to rasterize.  jeez i would like to kick computer now.  lol

well here it is, so if anyone is actually keeping up with my meanderings i would really like an honest opinion on this one.

oh yeah, my alias is maude.  

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